CRUISING-VILLAGE is a collaboration between boat builders, carpenters, investors, national parks and local communities.

Boat building teams of skilled craftsmen with 20 years experience can go into production immediately. These teams with the know-how and the heart to provide real solutions for a new kind of tourism development come from Malaysia, Indonesia, South-Africa and China.


It’s reliable because it’s SIMPLE, thanks to:

  • Short building time & affordability : Hotels can be built in a few weeks, using low cost locally sourced materials.
  • Our upmarket 3* floating room costs 200 usd/night, indicated a high return on investment is possible
  • Mobile, modular, flexible: floating units can rearranged according to requirements eg seasonal activities, unexpected disaster etc… It’s a RESILIENT solution, which protect the viability of investment.
  • Crowdfunding compliant: local community can become business owner of “boathotel bedroom business” with our crowdfunding strategy.
  • International asset : boats are registered and regulated internationally
  • A unique TOURIST offer, amazing value for money …. acting Pirates of the Caribbean ….

This business model can be replicated, which means the potential stakeholders are thousands.

Measures such as evaluating the capacity of communities in selecting them for support, participatory approaches to data gathering, platform for information exchange and progress/impacts monitoring should be part of project management strategies which can ensure reliability.


The main costs of the initial stage are occasioned by:

  • building 10 floating units of 3 persons each
  • building a clubhouse-restaurant tug boat
  • local community training (hospitality management and catering skills, boat building skills for new units, homes, businesses or municipal offices… )
  • communication


4.1- Mobilization of funding with crowdfunding

  • A flexible mixture of social entrepreneurship/social business/full private commercial
  • Perks and bonuses could be given to investors such as time sharing credit and/or a unique sleeping with whales holiday experience
  • A joint venture in social business because both the investors and local communities would be joint owner.

4.2- More reasons why it’s adapted to crowdfunding and/or monthly investments

  • ROI is fixed at 5% a year or over 6-7 years pay back.
  • CRUISING-VILLAGE is supporting by NGO AACC which gives people the confidence they need to invest and become a part owner.
  • No money is required up front as construction is financed by local stakeholders. This allows for high quality building standards realization as the project takes approximately 2 years to complete.
  • For each USD 45,000 collected, a bungalow is ordered which means for every USD 9 000 accrued (loans, gifts and also reinvestment from business activity), 1/5th of the cost of a bungalow can be paid. A bungalow takes 5 months to be built which means growth is exponential and rapidly replicated.
  • Cash returns are sure to be earned as investments are made in working tools or business infrastructure and not speculation.
  • Investment means ownership of real hardware such as a floating state of the art bungalow or floating shop or restaurant or hotel. One invests in an actual physical product and not software but hardware which is reliable and has a warranty.
  • The product purchased such as a floating home or a floating commercial building can be sold even if not paid back because one owns it.
  • There is no risk of bad weather destruction because, as with any luxury boat hotel, floating homes and commercial units can be quickly moved if threatened by typhoons, forest fires or even wars from political instability.
  • Also like boat hotel, floating hotels/homes/commercial units can be moved to ideal locations therefore allowing for increased rates per night for floating hotels and eco-lodges.
  • Staff (management, crew, captain, chef, etc) is on location full time
  • Co-owners are involved in running the businesses
  • We can preserve biodiversity by creating floating communities and floating commercial centres
  • Ideal and sound fiscal business plan
  • Thematic Tourism such as whale watching and sleeping with the whales is in hight demand today and therefore is considered be pinnable eco-lodge
  • Highest Ethical Standards as all the money collected for the project goes to the local communities who run the businesses to pay back the investor, you!
  • Safe and secure Investment as the money collected/invested for the project goes directly to the manufacturers, thereby alleviating risk of fraud.

4.3- About business management

  • Tourist units will be 3-star level hotels with USD 200 average price per night.
  • Restaurant-tug boat could greet minimum 30 clients but with excellent level of quality services.

4.4- Local economical development

  • Besides these direct incomes a large and divers economy will grow in parallel : recreation (outdoor and water sport activities), daily and local tourism, arts-&-crafts, hand-craft homeware, stopover of cruise, scientific travel…


The total cost of a typical floating ensemble (resort of 10 units and 1 restaurant tug-boat), stakeholders training and communication is USD 1,265,000.

INCOMES Subsidies Co-financing and Crowdfunding Contribution of the local business cooperative 5-10% Total 100%
USD 650,000 USD 550,000 USD 65,000 USD 1,265.000
EXPENDITURES Construction and Materials Training and intangible deliverables over 2 years Self sufficient in

Energy generation

USD 750,000 USD 280,000 USD 235,000 USD 1,265.000