CRUISING-VILLAGE will improve the lives of local people by bringing long-term and socially responsible economic and ecological change thanks to skills and “means to work ”.


  • Sharing the benefits by means of a social reinvestment levy is guaranteed by the business model. 30% of the profits are reinvested in community projects in a planned way.
  • Replicable local community projects properly supervised contributes to sustaining the reinvestment.

For a village with 10 individuals units and 1 restaurant-boat (8 cabins)

US Dollars Estimated revenue activity accommodation only Payroll and purchasing, maintenance (40%) Communication / Tours operators (5) (12%) Levy reinvestment (30%)
1st Year 620.000 250.000 75.000 190.000
2nd Year 720.000 290.000 85.000 230.000
3rd Year 780.000 300.000 90.000 260.000

Recovery of private financing costs is provided by the difference in the cost and the turn over (TO).

While using private finance sources the majority of shares will be held by the local community.

Local people are the principal beneficiaries and mainly public and private participants will use the example of the model to create a synergy with other territories in the mapping of new initiatives.

At the macro level, it prefigures a space for innovation : a cross-disciplined cluster between tourism, hospitality and export.


Local community involvement is mandatory.

CRUISING-VILLAGE will provide means for local women entrepreneurs to launch their own business.

CRUISING-VILLAGE tends to empower the socially and economically disadvantaged groups so that they can secure their livelihood.

CRUISING-VILLAGE could provide in the long term floating classrooms , clinics, shops, meeting/ municipal buildings dedicated to community needs.